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According to mythology, Mercury was known for his quickness in delivering messages. The same is true of the artist Mercury Storm. Heralded for his rapid-fire flow, Mercury manifests that speed, all while delivering intricate messages in a Storm of lyricism.


When awarded at the Vh1 Hip Hop Honors, the world got a taste of what the underground had known for years. Mercury Storm's skills are undeniable. Source Unsigned Hype Champion, Freestyle 59 Champion, and Mic Aggression Champion are just a handful of his accomplishments.  Fat Joe said, "You comin' with them lyrics out of the ATL. That's big!", marveled at Merc's wordplay and signature voice.

Never one to be put into a box, this Atlanta native has made his mark in hip hop as a producer, emcee, voice over talent, & entrepreneur.  He's recieved props by several industry heavyweights from Spinderella to Diddy, been featured in major media from the cover of the AJC to Fox News...all while doing it "his way".

Mercury Storm, aka N-Sight, is an Eagle Scout and has been an active volunteer around Atlanta throughout his life. Being involved in the community as a member of the Big Brother/Big Sister program offers him the chance to be able to “give something back.”


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